ICST A Completely New Blockchain Platform Revolutionizing Content Sharing

Twenty years after peer-to-peer (P2P) file sharing decimated the music industry, blockchain is emerging as a new P2P technology that could rip the industry anew.

But this time, the revolution promises to be different.

This is according to the vision proposed by ICST a company that is pioneering content sharing on the Blockchain network.  Through its development, ICST will enrich and empower artists, and rewrite the rules of the music and broader creative industry. Some of key steps ICST is taking to accomplish this include:

Utilizing blockchain technology to revolutionize talent sharing across the world.  ICST is a dynamic content sharing social media ecosystem that’s centered on giving power back to the artists.

Through secure smart contracts, the ICST platform will eliminate digital copyright issues and liberate the artistic community to produce, promote, and trade their content with complete autonomy and transparency.

  • Creating a token-based economy where value is derived from an artist’s work.  When an artist tokenizes, they’re turning their intellectual property (IP) into a financial asset, so an artist’s token reflects the value of their creative output.  The more people who consume the artist’s creation, the higher the value of the token.
  • Utilizing a inherent user base of 50 million; Starmaker will be the first of many projects to migrate to the ICST platform.  The People-Joy Foundation is a non-profit and ensures complete ISCT revenue transparency.
  • Eliminating middlemen and undermining the influence of industry gatekeepers. Tokenization lets artists raise share content upfront without relying on an advance from their record label. Meanwhile, distributing content via blockchain would allow artists to skirt streaming platforms like Spotify to earn royalties on their own terms.

Join us: https://t.me/icst_official

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