ICST catches the eye of Chinese Investment Firm

Individual Content & Skill Token (ICST) has successfully secured a strategic investment of capital from Chinese firm, Chain Private Equity Partners.

ICST is developing a decentralised content sharing and payment platform on the Ethereum blockchain. The platform will provide an unprecedented degree of ownership, transparency, efficiency & security for the creators of content within the entertainment industry. These individuals will be able to reach their customers directly, bypassing the middlemen that traditionally take a disproportionate piece of the pie. With intermediaries and their invoices off the supply chain, the rightful owners and buyers of content will enjoy a fairer and more equitable marketplace.

With the support of ChainPe we are one step closer to achieving the transparent content distribution platform that we promised. ICST will give control back to artists and protect their material from the threat of piracy & copyright infringement.” ICST CEO, …  

ChainPE is a Chinese private equity firm comprised of successful blockchain industry entrepreneurs & investors. The partnership provides financial backing, tech support and expert advice to chosen “high-growth” companies around the world. 

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